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Calinda Goo

Hey Cheryl! Hope you're enjoying your weekend...but then again...every day is a weekend for you! How I envy you.
Thanks for checking out my pics. I'm trying to be better about posting, but it's so time consuming. I got the invitation from Pininterest but haven't started yet. Must read instructions. I had two necklaces on Etsy before, but one is gone now. Sold. I don't know what I'll put on next.
Anyway - this would be a really pretty layout! Hope you get to unpack it soon! :)

Cheryl Eberlin

Cal - Just signed up for Pinterest myself! And, I'm a little lost . . . I didn't like the automated items they listed for me to follow but I haven't had time to go back and "pick" a few I really like . . . not enough time right now. Let me know if you get any info on making it "user friendly".
Yes, the canvas is a great layout, but would also make a fantastic wall-hanging in the right location. Can't wait to get all my art studio unpacked . . . but, alas . . . no house yet!

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