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steph vlach

hi Cheryl
nice to see you blogging again! yes, I am an avid Tim-fan!!
and how convenient that is my BF's name too :)
his new website is great....that's how I found out about Ohio in August!!
one website I frequent is:
she is a stamping up demonstrator. her videos are great-very well done.
look at her craft space--it's like a store!!! obviously she has a good business going.
she also has a funny bloopers video :)
the projects are not rocket science with lots of potential! enjoy!!

Calinda Goo

hey cheryl! getting back into the groove of things! i posted pics of what i've done so far in my jewelry classes. it's up on facebook and my blog. I may start pinning on Pininterest. Are we on to see who gets something up for sale on Etsy???


Hi Cheryl:

This concept might be really great to use for your antique Schilling information and those old 30's promotionals that Mom had...What do you think?

Cheryl Eberlin

Steph V - Wow! Great new Blog for me to follow . . . and I checked out her studio space and all her organizational ideas . . . she's got quite a set-up. Thanks for sharing! So, have you registered for the stamping retreat in Ohio? Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Cheryl Eberlin

Cal - Checked out the photos of your creations on your blog! Great job and now this weekend, there's more to learn. I've just joined Pinterest . . . still figuring out how that works! What do you think you're first item on Etsy will be?

Cheryl Eberlin

Jacquie - great idea for the Shillling information. Did you keep Mom's promotional 30's stuff - are you talking about the sewing stuff?

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